Bitcoin SuperStar Review – 100% WINNING APP OR SCAM?

If you’re trying to seek financial freedom through the creation of a passive income by trading of cryptocurrencies, there’s no better App to utilize in 2019 than Bitcoin SuperStar. This App is allegedly making trading easily accessible to new users around the world. It can work on any computer and Mac. On signing up and making your first deposit, this artificial intelligence App claims to help you buy Bitcoin low and sell high. But, is the App really legit?

We have gone the extra mile and put this technology to the test. What are our findings? Keep reading to learn more.

Bitcoin SuperStar is an amazing App that helps its users trade and mine with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. This Crypto trading App is significantly the most popular of all other trading Apps around the globe with a considerably huge number of users from all corners of the world. The reputation of this App emerged from its ability to help turn into profits within a short period of time thousands of users’ money.

Further, the trading tool is simple to understand and with a lot of App strategies available, you’re guaranteed of success. This App features sophisticated algorithms that help in predicting how the cryptocurrency market is moving and thus automatically performs profitable transactions for the users.

The algorithms applied in this App make trades up to hundreds of times in a second. With the convenience of use of this App, a user only needs to make a deposit of $250 where the App will automatically run and the user will collect their earnings and withdraw them from their bank account and in their local currencies. A lot of longtime users of this App have enjoyed tremendous amounts of profits.

As mentioned earlier, we did a series of tests seeking to confirm the legitimacy of this App. From our test results, Bitcoin Superstar app features a win ratio of 89 percent.

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Is Bitcoin SuperStar Legit?

Although some people on the internet are referring to this App as a scam, our findings prove otherwise. Just like other Bitcoin software like CryptoSoft, the algorithms applied in Bitcoin SuperStar may have powerful automation as well as artificial intelligence. However, this App is still a very powerful trading tool for Bitcoin online. A user will need to learn and understand the ins and outs of the platform to make huge profits. We have concluded as follows following our test results:

  1. The software makes actual payouts.
  2. Bitcoin Superstar isn’t a scam unless the user doesn’t understand the risks involved in auto-trading
  3. Make a small amount of initial investment and you’ll be rewarded after you master the way the platform operates; $250 is good to start.

How Does Bitcoin SuperStar Work?

Even though this software is able to perform huge numbers of trades in minutes, without funds to invest, it won’t give you the profit you need. So you need to invest some money. With money from the software’s users, it invests the funds at the ideal time in the extensive Bitcoin markets throughout the globe.

From all the money invested by users across the globe, the software makes huge millions of profits. While some of the profits remain in the system to take care of daily operations, the rest of the returns are divided among the users. So, the more you have in investment, the more you will enjoy as profits.

Bitcoin SuperStar Key Features


Many lucky traders eventually are able to enjoy over $350 daily. After you understand the system, you’ll be sure to enjoy payouts on a daily basis. Though you may make a few losses, you should enjoy a lot of good pay.

Verification System

Here, everything is very easy. You just need to sign up using your email address then authentic your personal details. You will then receive an email having a link through which you can log into your brand-new account. After that, you connect your payment channel and begin trading. There will be no ID card or other personal info to use this software.


On putting your funds into this App, it will be directed through brokers. Then, you can decide your account to automatically trade and your investment is going to be utilized by the brokers with the help of the software’s algorithms.

Withdrawal Process

With this software, withdraws are possible any time of the day. You can conveniently withdraw all your balance anytime you want. After the withdrawal, the money will take 2 to 3 business days to get into your bank account. As a result, Bitcoin SuperStar is among the best trading Apps.

Customer Service

According to our findings, this platform is very reliable as far as customer service is concerned. You’ll be able to communicate with the customer service department through email 24/7. This way, you’ll be in a position to get assistance if you need any.


With Bitcoin SuperStar, be sure that there are no hidden fees or costs. After the money gets into your account, you won’t need to pay anything.


You’ll be able to see a lot of testimonies from actual users on the platform from some of the most successful traders.

Bitcoin Superstar vs. Other Apps

Hidden Fees/costs

While there are no hidden fees or costs with Bitcoin SuperStar, numerous other Apps have hidden cost/fees and the trader has little or no profit eventually.

Signing up

Secondly, it’s very straightforward to sign up with the Bitcoin SuperStar website where you can complete the whole process within minutes. On the other hand, it may be hard to sign up with other Apps because of different responsiveness as well as a slow process of verification.


Thirdly, the Bitcoin SuperStar software is very beginner-friendly. Conversely, some trading platforms like CryptoApp365 don’t have an operational platform but a poor trading interface that can easily lead to losses.

Payouts and withdrawals

Fourthly, there are legit payouts accompanied by very easy withdrawal process. With other Apps, they are nothing but scam where they block users the time they want to withdraw the money.

Loyal Users

Lastly, while Bitcoin SuperStar features thousands of users all over the globe, many trading Apps are a scam and therefore don’t have loyal users on their sites.

Therefore, the following five should be the reasons why you should use Bitcoin SuperStar over other Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies trading Apps:

  • Simple to use
  • High returns-over 89% trading profits.
  • Faster trading process
  • Reliable customer support

Just as mentioned above, the registration process is very straightforward. All you need to do is to fill in your basic details then verify your Bitcoin SuperStar account. After this is done, you will then need to make a deposit of at least $250 to get started. The following are the 4 steps involved in the signing up procedure in simplicity:

Step One: The Registration

In this step, you just need to sign up and fill in your details including your name, email and phone and then wait for confirmation. It’s good to remember that the process is free of charge.

Step Two: The account

After the verification of your account, log in and see a pop-up window that explains to you that your account is now linked to a particular broker account. Then, you’ll be asked to add funds to get started.

Step Three: The deposit

Here, on clicking ‘deposit’ on your account at, a window will open. The site asserts that the money you deposit is going to display on your account later. Following this, you have the following payment options:

When you pick one, you can fund your account with a start-up fee at a minimum of $250. However, it’s recommended that you start off with little then increase as you understand the system.

Step Four: Adjusting your settings

In this last step, you command the system by telling it exactly what you want as far as trading is concerned. You can as well trade the same way using other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum ETH, Ripple XRP and Litecoin LTC. Also, you can set the system to trade manually by yourself.

As the trading settings are easy to operate, you can choose for yourself the risk level you’re ready to take. Actually, the bigger the risk, the greater the possible returns. But, you can as well lose all your deposits.

Tips to Maximize your Earnings with the Bitcoin SuperStar

Start Small

We recommend that you start by investing small amounts; $250 is OK. With care, you will be able to generate more money. Additionally, you shouldn’t pay much attention to site’s homepage that claims you’ll earn $12,000 every day. Though these are exceptions and unlikely that you’ll make all that amounts, you should be able to make a decent profit of above $2,700 every day.

Withdraw some of your Returns

We recommends that you should save anywhere from 25 percent to 75 percent of your profits. You should withdraw and keep them to your bank account. Certainly, the more cash you withdraw, the bigger your bankroll. Otherwise you’ll be putting your cash at risk by investing all you win.

Follow Advice from Experts

There are numerous approaches you can be able to set up your account. A lot of users post their ideal strategies on YouTube as well as discussion forums. Try the settings out until you master your own right strategy.

Keep Tax Records

You’ll need to keep a keen record of the amount you invest as well as the amount you earn as profit. You can employ an accountant in case you earn cash with this App.

Invest only What You Can Afford to Lose

While we didn’t lose any money in their experiments, it appears that a few other users already have. As mentioned earlier, you’ll only lose huge amounts of fund when you don’t know the system so well. So, never invest a lot of money that you can’t afford to lose.

Has Bitcoin SuperStar Been on TV?

There have always been rumors of Bitcoin SuperStar on TV on the internet. For that, we take a look at each one of them. This App has not appeared on any TV programs as claimed by various sources on the internet.

Bitcoin SuperStar not been endorsed by celebrities

As Bitcoin SuperStar is usually rumored to have been endorsed by celebrities on various platforms on the internet, we also take a look at the various rumors to determine if or not celebrities utilize the program. This App has been rumored to be endorsed by various celebrities who we can confirm that it’s not true.

The Verdict

Following a meticulous examination and testing we can confirm that the scam rumor isn’t true. Although this machine depends on artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, it still requires not only skills but also careful planning in order to enjoy the best. New users are advised to start with small amount at $250 and assured to make withdrawals as soon as they get returns. This platform is unquestionably not a scam!