Immediate Edge Bot Review 2020

Immediate Edge Bot is a fully automated trading robot that is very effective in helping users who trade on cryptocurrency to gain profits. Immediate Edge bot is very reliable in providing users with the much-needed platform to make money while dealing in cryptocurrency.

The use of automatic cryptocurrency trading platforms is a new invention that has gained a lot of popularity over the years. However, some persons hold some reservations and skepticism because it is entirely automatic, and its operation is controlled by the design algorithms.

For those who are ardent followers of cryptocurrency news on social media, you may have seen several testimonials of people who have benefited from using these trading bots and have made huge profits with the help of the Immediate Edge Bot.

There are over a thousand trading bots software where cryptocurrency trading can be carried out. However, we will be reviewing one of the best-automated trading bots available, of which the Immediate Edge bot stands out.

For beginners to cryptocurrency, you may find this review very educative. If you are used to trading in cryptocurrency, you may also learn new things about the Immediate Edge bot trading platform.

How Reliable Is Immediate Edge Bot?

Is the Immediate Edge bot reliable? The answer is a resounding, “Yes.” It is undoubtedly legitimate and highly trustworthy. The Immediate Edge bot trading platform has been tested by several users and has been certified reliable because they have made huge profits from this platform.

Results from users and industry experts reveal that the Immediate Edge bot has an 85% success rate in terms of generating profits for users. What this means is that you are likely to make profits on 85 out of a hundred bets placed.

The Immediate Edge bot software offers users excellent rates when compared to other trading platforms.

Some tests carried out on the platform showed that a user might make good profits from a minimum of $250 investment. The Immediate Edge bot is beneficial for both experienced and inexperience cryptocurrency trading.

How does Immediate Edge bot work?

Before the advent of advanced technology in the mobile industry, everything was done by hand. You have to scroll down to a number to make a call, send text messages, and carry out other functions. However, with Google’s assistant and other top features, things have become simplified. You may need to press fewer or no buttons to carry out specific tasks.

That same principle is how the Immediate Edge bot works. You may not need to carry out research on market trends or analyze the rates of cryptocurrency, which may take a lot of mental and physical commitment.

The Immediate Edge bot does the work for you. It provides far higher accuracy in detecting precise market rates with the help of in-built algorithms. You may not need to worry about losing your investment because the trading software may ensure that your investments are safe and yield interest.

Features of Immediate Edge Bot software:

·       Verification

You do not need to go through a complicated verification process before you can begin enjoying the software. What you are required to do is to provide simple login and card details for deposit and Voila! You are on your way to using this efficient cryptocurrency trading software.

·       Payout

Do you know that users of this software may be able to make up to $2200 daily trading on cryptocurrency? As unimaginable as it may sound, it is very true. All you need is to be consistent in placing your trades and let the robot do the work.

·       Deposits and withdrawals

Some scam software allows for quick deposits, but they may take an eternity to withdraw your earnings. However, the Immediate Edge bot software is in a different class on its own as it allows for easy withdrawals. Withdrawals on this platform take about 24hours to process.

·       Customer Service

A top-quality cryptocurrency trading robot should have excellent customer care support.  The Immediate Edge bot software provides a highly efficient customer care service. You can chat with them live on their website or send them an email with your issues and be sure to get a quick response.

·       Cost of fees

With the Immediate Edge bot, you may not be required to pay any additional fees for registration. There are no hidden charges and no other form of commission to brokers,

·       Brokers

You are automatically matched with a broker when you make a deposit on your trading account. Your deposited amount is transferred to the broker’s account, and the brokers place a trade for you. Immediate Edge bot software has reliable brokers, so you have nothing to worry about.

How do you register or log in to Immediate Edge Bot App?

To register or login to the Immediate Edge bot app, follow these simple steps:

  • Search on Google or go directly to their official website to their official website on
  • You can click the Register button at the top right corner of the website and provide your name and email.
  • Provide a secure password
  • Click on submit
  • You have successfully registered on the platform
  • Click on login and provide your email and password if already registered

How do you start trading with Immediate Edge bot?

To begin trading on this platform, you are required to first of all fund your account by depositing a minimum amount of $250

You may make use of different payment methods by depositing funds through debit or credit cards that are supported b Wire Transfer, VISA, Klarma, Skrill, etc.

This provides users with different options, and it ensures the flexibility of payment across different platforms.


Having reviewed the Immediate Edge bot software, we, therefore, recommend this unique and fully automated cryptocurrency trading software. It is an ideal app for both new and experienced traders in the cryptocurrency market.

However, we advise that you begin trading with fewer funds. And in time, you may start to increase your deposit as you get more and more familiar with the platform.